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Yerba Buena Tea Co.

White Peony

White Peony

White Tea

White tea is harvested during its early stages, when the leaves are soft, lush, and verdant. The tea features full-bodied, elongated leaves and delicate buds, making for a truly delightful cup.

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  • Master Herbalist Blend
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Refillable Tea Tins
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Indulge in the pure elegance of our White Tea, a delicate and antioxidant-rich infusion sourced from the youngest tea leaves. Renowned for its subtle flavor and healthful properties, this exquisite white tea offers a gentle and sophisticated experience.


Organic White tea
Contains Caffeine

yerba buena tea co.

Steeped in Wellness

Tea Brewing

Sipping perfection

  1. Heat water to 175°F-185°F
  2. Add 1-2 tsp of tea to pot or mug
  3. Steep 1-2 minutes
  4. Strain and add honey or a lemon slice as preferred
  5. Sip, savor, and immerse yourself


White Tea


White tea is picked early in the season when the buds are still fresh, young, and tender. Because of this early picking, the taste white tea produces is very mild and sweet, without the sometimes astringent qualities of regular green teas. White tea consists of beautiful, full length leaves, and young tight buds which produces a perfectly balanced cup. While the name of this tea can be a misnomer, it should be understood that it is embodied with hues of green and fermented brown, with delicate white tones to lay the final touches.