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Yerba Buena Tea Co.



Organic Herbal Tea Blend | Caffeine Free

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Traditional Preparation

Cup of brewed Refresh premium tea from Yerba Buena Tea Co., with reusable tea tin and fresh mint leaves in the background, highlighting a vibrant and refreshing organic tea

Steep. Savor. Be Well.

Discover multiple ways to enjoy Refresh Herbal Tea, tailored to suit your preferences:

  • Iced Tea: Brew the tea as usual, let it cool, and pour over ice for a refreshing cold drink perfect for hot days.
  • Honey: Add a touch of honey to sweeten your tea naturally, enhancing its herbal flavors.
  • Citrus Twist: Squeeze a bit of lemon or orange juice into your tea for a zesty flavor boost.
  • Herbal Fusion: Mix with other herbal teas like chamomile or lavender for a customized blend.
  • Cold Brew: Steep the tea in cold water for several hours for a smooth, mellow flavor.

yerba buena tea co.

Steeped in Wellness